DO NOT be fooled by the chaos, for its structure has been exquisitely planned to trick you. Patterns are continuous, structured, and organized. The world is a pattern, you are a pattern, your cells are patterns, your behavior is a pattern: a pattern in repeat.



When this ordered repetition becomes broken, crossed or shaded it must adapt, grow and restructure to create a new configuration. This is my pattern, my structure, my identity. This is my story.

​North Gallery. March 2009. 





BROTHER. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have your mind so diseased. You had your great effect, you taught me a lot. I set you free, lovingly, willingly, knowingly.


LEGG-CALVE PERTHES. When I was five I developed a bone disease that disintegrated my femur. I decided to re-grow it when I was nine.

SHE APPEARS. She first appeared to me when I was five. As I was walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I saw her in the mirror. She had a beautiful wreath of branches crowing her head. She was smiling at me.


THE DARK LADY. When we enter the darkness inner and outer we learn the strengths of the dark lady.



UNITY - BODY ARMOR. To a fool who squints one appears as two. It is only by letting go of all of your defenses that you become invulnerable.

EKSTASIS. In this world's reality we have the sensory illusion that you and I are separate, that we are not directly connected. Ekstasis is the song and power that fills Unity.

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