Birth Date: April 8, 1987   Birthplace: Concord, MA     Nationality: American of Italian and English Decent



E X P E R T I S E:

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Pointcarre, Ned Graphics, JacCad, Weave Maker Pro, Mac and PC literate. 

Design (industrial and hand processes): for Jacquard, TC1, Dobby and hand looms; knit, crochet, fiber sculpture, wire working;  understanding of color, design and scale issues, particularly as applied to continuous pattern; silkscreen for fabric; dyeing and finishing techniques; acid and fiber reactive dyes, heat press, flock and foil, devore, as well as various painting, drawing and sewing mediums.

Administrative: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Personal relations. Organizationally oriented. Excellent verbal and written communication. Multi-task oriented. Good at taking orders as well as delegating tasks to others. Creative problem solving abilities. Excellent marketing, selling and presentation ability. Works well under pressure. Good listener. Always on time. Professional demeanor. Easy to be around. Good humored. Optimistic and driven.


W O R K    E X P E R I E N C E:

Engineerd Illusions
2012-present                                                                 Bajardi Inc.                                                                       London, UK


  • Engineered prints for the womens' wear and interiors market. Using pattern to manipulate and enhance as per the clients wishes.

  • Graphic Design.


Woven Jewelry and Screen Print Fabric

2010 - 2011                                                                     Summerset Studio                                                      Olympia, WA 


Personal Stylist: Levi’s Flag Ship

February – July 2010                                                   Levis Flagship Store                                             San Francisco, CA

Assistant Teacher to Lia Cook: Zeros and Ones, Digital Jacquard Design
September - December 2009                                    California College of the Arts                                       Oakland, CA
September –December 2008    
Curriculum Including:
• Pointcarre Digital Weave Software and Photoshop Software for weaving.
• Weaving and maintenance on the TC1 loom.
• Coached students one-on-one to problem solve with software and loom.
• Damask design, image translation in weaving, pattern repeat design, file cleanup, concept development.


Internship with Zenith Exports: pattern design for jacquard silk woven fabric
May –December 2009                                          Zenith Exports                                                                Bangalore, India

• Designed jacquard fabrics for the high-end American and European interiors markets from start to finish: formulated initial concepts informed by research, produced artwork, developed weave structures and created color-ways. Met collection deadlines and quotas.
• Multi-Colored pattern design and repeat
• Communicated with customers cross culturally to translate their vision.
• Stylized interpretations of trendy designs.
• Fabric analysis for quality assurance. 

Personal Assistant to Gary Snow Real Estate Agent     
Sep 2005-Aug 2008                                         Paragon Real Estate Group                                             San Francisco, CA

  • Various administrative duties, personal errands, as well as preparing for property showings.


E D U C A T I O N:

Cental Saint Martins, University of the Arts London: Masters of Textile Futures, 2013. London, UK


California College of the Arts. Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2009, High Distinction. OAK & SF, CA, USA



• Zeros & Ones. Prof. Lia Cook: Jacquard weaving, digital design.
• Zeros & Ones Advanced. Prof. Cathy Bolding: Jacquard weaving, digital design.
• Printing, Dyeing and Painting. Prof. Kathleen Larisch: Fabric printing, dyeing.
• Tessellations to Toiles. Prof. Kathleen Larisch: Screen print, fiber reactive dyes, pattern design.
• Shadow and Light. Prof. Kathleen Larisch: Screen print, acid dyes, wool and silk.
• Weaving and Dyeing 1. Prof. Lia Cook: Eight-harness weaving.
• Digital Printing. Prof. Richard Elliot: Computer aided pattern design, digital printing.
• Fiber Sculpture, Form of Line. Prof. Anne Wolf: Fiber sculpture with linear elements.
• Advanced Fiber Sculpture: Special Projects. Prof. Taraneh Hemami.
• Going Digital: Prof. Mung Lar Lam
• Chromophilia: Prof. Deborah Valoma. Color Theory and cultural connections
• Body of Work: Prof. Anne Wolf: Senior body of Work
• Garment Structures: Prof. Barbara Kelly
• Weaving Special Projects: Prof Cathy Bolding
• Geometric Symbolism in Art: Prof. Jane Mckinne-Mayer
• Biomimicry: Prof. Tom McKeag. Using elements and processes from nature to design



Fondazione Arte Della Seta Lisio. Florence, Italy. 2008.


• Certificate earned in 7 Week Jacquard Design Course. 2008: Weave and design for 18th century jacquard looms using the techniques, of damask, lampas, velvet, and gros de tour lisere. Weave structure analysis and fabric reverse engineering. 
• Certificate earned in 3 Week Industrial Fabric Design Course. 2008: Learned to design using the limitations and specifications of the textile industry.



​A W A R D S   &   H O N O R S:

  • American Crafts Council Show. Baltimore, MD. Final Juried Selection. Sponsored accommodation and booth 2011        

  • Sponsored Internship with Zenith Exports, Bangalore, India 2009

  • PRO -Arts Gallery Nomination, San Francisco 2009

  • Lisio Foundation Summer Jacquard Weaving Scholarship, Florence, Italy 2008

  • CCA Creative Achievement Award Scholarship, San Francisco, CA, 2005-2009


S H O W S:

  • Central Saint Martins. Degree Show Two. Textile Futures Group Degree Show. The Street, Kings Cross. June 2013. Engineered Illusions Showcase.  

  • MOST. Milan Design Week. April 2013. Textile Futures Group Exhibition. Engineered Illusions thesis preview.

  • American Crafts Council Show. February 2011. Baltimore, MD. CCA Student Booth. Goddess T-shirt, Woven wire jewelry, Screen printed scarves, Venus 2012 woven gold collar.

  • Kaynor Juried Fine Art Show. July 2010. Olympia, WA. Brother. Jacquard woven copper wire. 30”x40”. She Appears. Jacquard woven cotton thread. 30”x30”.

  •  CCA Spring Craft Show. May 2010. Oakland, CA. Hand Screen Printed Shirts.

• Trunk SF. March-May 2010. San Francisco, CA. Hand Screen Printed Shirts.
• Twist. European Textiles Network Show. July 2009. Austria. Brother. Jacquard woven copper wire. 30”X40”
• Ekstasis. Senior Show California College of the Arts. March 2009.
• Gone Tomorrow. November 2008. Ecological Center San Francisco. 8 Minutes. Recycled materials.
• Crossing the Line. Juried Show. October 2008. Oliver Art Center. Pattern Dysmorphia, Jacquard woven, various fibers.
• Fabrication. Juried Show. October 2007. North/ South Gallery. Moiré, jacquard woven wire piece, 13”X27”.

P E R M A N E N T   C O L L E C T I O N S:


Lisio Foundation, Florence Italy: Pattern Dysmorphia, jacquard woven: various fibers 2008

Lia Cook: Spiral Bracelet, jacquard woven, brass wire 2006



P R E S S :


  • Digital Jacquard Design. Julie Holyoke. Available September 2013.

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  • Jacquard. Issue 62. September 2008. Fondazione Lisio Arte Della Seta. Seeing Inside Textiles: Studying Jacquard Design at the Lisio Foundation, 38-41.

  • Lisio Foundation Interview: http://www.fondazionelisio.org/index.php?events.  2009



L A N G U A G E S:  Conversational Spanish and Italian